Terra dei Fuochi / Land of Fires

My name is Bianca Falco, I am a choreographer/director. I created this blog to accompany the performance “Terra dei Fuochi/Land of Fires” in the hope to start a dialogue about toxic waste afflicting our world and its devastating effects on health and nature. The goal of the dance project “Terra dei fuochi/Land of fires” is to share the story of the suffering mothers of Campania. In that area the children cancer mortality is very high. I wish to invite everybody to comment, post and compare my homeland disaster to others around the world and to research solution to the issue, maybe we can decontaminate earth. Maybe kids can survive and live their lives in a cleaner environment? https://terradeifuochilandooffires.wordpress.com

Choreographer and Movement Director for Film, Theater, Video, Events and Model/Advertisement Photo Shoots Bianca Falco explores the interactions, ties between people and between people and objects/living creatures in all situations; combines modern dance with the use of props, costumes, modifying or accentuating the human form and emotions. Labilab creates stage and site-specific performances sometimes involving improvisation, interaction with the audience. Bianca is a well a performer, a teacher, an independent filmmaker and a musician