Interesting teacher’s point view, from Ardella Bang

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Interesting teacher’s point view, from Ardella Bang:
“[….]As the consumer, I would sincerely hope that you would take time to look up the instructors and the classes to see if it is the right fit for you (Like buying a fitting pair of shoes). By doing that, you are doing your research and taking responsibility for the class you are intending to take. Being well informed would enable you to better prepare you for the class beforehand, this could eliminate discomfort in your body after the class as you will be mentally prepared for what you would be in for. Living in a consumer driven society, it is important to be well informed as the decisions that you make will have a direct impact on yourself. In this case, the Pilates experience. I would encourage new students to take a private class with an instructor of your choice who charges the amount that you both could come to consensus with to study for a period of time.
This is a detailed physical practice. It is also an investment on your physical instrument. Hence, you will notice the changes in your body when you are able to grasp the fine details and apply it in your body.
Pilates is a method.[…]”