Dog Park Petition

Establish a Safe and Clean Dog and Community Park in Lower East Side

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I am a resident of the vibrant Lower East Side (LES) community in Manhattan, New York. Every day, I see our community members walking their dogs along the streets and small patches of green space we have. The closest dog park is located in Tompkins Square Park, which is not within easy reach for many of us.

We are requesting the park to be in a great location: in or close to Sara D. Roosevelt Park. This location can be easily accessed.

UPDATE 2/16/2024: I contacted the office of Christopher Marte, our council member representative. We started a conversation and I am hopeful for a positive outcome. Please Sign and Share to show we are a strong community that needs a dog run!

They asked me three locations where a dog run is needed. This is my list:

1. Sara D. Roosevelt Park

2. First Street Park including the Art Park. 

3. Seward Park 

Our neighborhood deserves its own dedicated dog and community park – a safe, clean space where our four-legged friends can run freely while we connect with fellow residents. Currently, there are over 68 million dogs owned across the United States (American Pet Products Association), highlighting the need for more dedicated spaces to cater to these beloved family members.

Moreover, studies show that having access to green spaces improves mental health (National Recreation and Park Association). With New York City being one of the most densely populated cities in America, it’s crucial that we prioritize creating such spaces for our residents.

By establishing this park in LES, we would be promoting not only physical activity but also fostering stronger community ties among residents. This initiative will greatly enhance our quality of life by providing an accessible place for recreation right at our doorstep.

We urge local government officials to recognize this need and take action towards creating a safe and clean dog and community park in LES. Please sign this petition if you believe in improving our neighborhood’s amenities while promoting health benefits for both humans and pets alike.

I made a flyer for printing and sharing (see below!). Feel free to download it and pass it around. You can contact me as well and I will send you the file!


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