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"Terra de Fuochi/Land of Fires" choreographer Bianca Falco dancers Laura Orfanelli, Bianca Delli Priscoli photographer Barbara Gentile
“Terra de Fuochi/Land of Fires”
choreographer Bianca Falco
dancers Laura Orfanelli, Bianca Delli Priscoli
photographer Barbara Gentile

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Thanks to for granting “Terra dei Fuochi/Land of Fires” a residency at their space XOCO 325 West Broadway in Soho, NYC, December 7-20, 2016. Performances were held on December 15, 16, 17,18.

Special thanks for their generous donation to the Domenico Paulon Foundation*

Thanks to donors Anita Durst, David Stallbaumer, Gail Blacker, Rolando Politi, Joel Blumsack, Megan Hustad, Gerardo de Luzenberger, Donatella Quintavalle, Kristofer Dan-Bergman, Francisco Vargas and family, Gina Petrone, Shelly Phegley, Irene Stamos, Mayu Yabe-Barry, Simona Simeone, Eric Dunlap, Gayle Damiano, Daniela Nicita, Patricia Heffley, Alice Neff, j.ellman, Valentina Renna, Mareile Paley, Molly Demeulenaere, Geoffrey Kuffner, Aaron Zomback, Giulia Palladini, Lamia Akar, Tonino Miano, Randy Kato, Sarah Wolfe, Judith Canepa, Belkis Hirsch, Jasmin Meryem Zorlu, Gil Birman, Amy Shapiro, Janice Orlandi, Despina Sophia Stamos, Rachael Foggo, Michael Graetzer, Joseph Naham, Claudio Orfanelli, Leigh Smith, Gamze Ceylan, Armando Di Marco, Lara Di Marco, Ivan Orfanelli, Lo Galluccio, Cecilia Fontanesi, Barbara Gentile, John Hagendorf, Roberto Piroddi, Matteo Calciati, Jorge Torres, Kirk Bradley Peterkin.

*Domenico Paulon (1897-1996), painter, sculptor and industrial designer, devoted his life investigating the fundamental principle of nature, philosophy and art and to applying and exploring those principles rigourously in his own creative work. The Domenico Paulon Foundation was founded in September 2000 by the estate of his wife, Anna Piantin, with the mission of making his work better known to the public. The Foundation also sponsors scholarly studies, education initiatives, arts prorams and other charitable efforts relating to the Paulons’ intellectual passions.

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"Intermezzo" by Bianca Falco, with Michal Gamily,  Veronica Valerio, Barbara Gentile photography
“Intermezzo” by Bianca Falco, with Michal Gamily, Veronica Valerio, Barbara Gentile photography

Choreographer and Movement Director for Film, Theater, Video, Events and Model/Advertisement Photo Shoots Bianca Falco explores the interactions, ties between people and between people and objects/living creatures in all situations; combines modern dance with the use of props, costumes, modifying or accentuating the human form and emotions. Labilab creates stage and site-specific performances sometimes involving improvisation, interaction with the audience. Bianca is a well a performer, a teacher, an independent filmmaker and a musician