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Pilates Mat Classes with Certified Teacher in my cozy Home Studio in the Lower East Side, Manhattan.
-Semi Private classes Max 4 student per class
-one-to-one affordable Mat classes

Take PILATES MAT classes!

(Class cards available, 24 hours cancellation policy applies.)

*Offering Special classes, Pilates for voice: Singers, Actors and Public Speakers!
*brooklyn heights studio access for privates with cadillac, reformer, wunda chair and barrel.
*union square studio access for privates with Reformer, Tower and wunda chair

Bianca Falco was born in Napoli, Italy, and speaks Italian, English Spanish and French. Bianca, earned her certification at The Kane School of Core Integration (Mat, Apparatus and Special Populations). She studied “Kinesthetic Anatomy & Biomechanics of Motion, Spirals and stabilization of the trunk (a full body warm-up involving continuously changing spatial relationships) with renowned teacher, Irene Dowd. Bianca’s experience started in 1987 in Napoli, Italy where she taught dance, improvisation and choreography. From 1992 to 1994 she was the director and main teacher of a modern dance school. She was awarded a scholarship at the Nikolais and Louis Dance Lab in New York City. In 1996 she became part of the NYC aerialist community and she learned and performed acrobatic aerial skills which she incorporates into her group classes and private sessions. She specialized in special population, worked with disabled and athletes. She has been applying the Pilates Method to Vocal Production using series of mat and small prop exercises customized expressly for singers, actors and public speakers. Recently she has been studying the Vocalates™ method with Michelle Spinner and Candace Walters. She has been teaching Pilates and Dance in the USA, Mexíco and Italy.
Bianca is a professional dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and musician. Her works have been presented at many NYC, Mexíco and European venues. She choreographs for film and theater, she sings and play with a Mexican folk group, plays clarinet and teaches movement and choreographs for kids and teenagers.
She is currently studying Neuromuscular Preparation for Dance with Irene Dowd.


(bianca falco home studio)

“Bianca is my Pilates coach.
Thank to her I feel stronger at each session. She is a dancer herself so she knows what to focus on to help me become a better dancer. She helps me improve my performance and become more balanced with each session. 🙂 Thank you
Sophie Cazenueve – dancer/choreographer/teacher

“Bianca was fun from the beginning. She has a very airy, loose sense of humor that I really appreciated after a long work-day. She was great about correcting everyone’s form and did a good job of alternating intensity.”…”Bianca forces you to release tension from the day”(evening class). Yelp review by Victoria M. for my class at brooklyn pilates – 2/19/2015

“I took Pilates sessions with Bianca Falco starting 2000. Through her classes I learned the amazing transformative benefits of the Pilates system and of Ms. Falco’s unique and effective training. Working with Bianca has been a completely rewarding experience. First of all, she provides a real workout. She designed exercises based on my specific needs and capabilities, eventually leading me to do things that I did not think possible. She was very sensitive at all times to my limitations – both physically and emotionally – making her very comfortable to work with. Bianca is a mature, well-trained and respectful teacher. During her Pilates sessions she makes you work hard and smile!
Jason Lindner Musician ” (renowed Jazz musician musician – piano/keyboard on David Bowie’s last cd)

“Bianca really takes the practice of Pilates to the next level. She manages to simultaneously make our sessions challenging, gentle, humorous and therapeutic. Clearly, Bianca sincerely enjoys both teaching and Pilates itself; she has endless patience and is very attentive and encouraging, not even to mention that her experience goes far beyond just Pilates (and that exposure greatly enriches our sessions). I love the fact that she doesn’t just tell me what to do, but explains the “undercurrents” of the exercise, helping to understand those details that aren’t visible to the eye but are nevertheless critical to the practice of Pilates. I’m now in my fourth year of doing Pilates, and I had other wonderful teachers before, but Bianca is simply OUTSTANDING and I’m very grateful to have found her. Highly recommend!!!- Natalia Carin”

“Regarding Bianca (Bia) Falco, I cannot speak of her highly enough. She was a fantastic teacher and patient friend, while she taught me pilates in 2004. Her sweetness overcame the “hundred” (a torturous aspect of the pilates ab workout) and her grace showed me that the hurdles were indeed surmountable. She was always a perfect teacher – pushed when she knew you could take it, and yielding when it was obvious you were having a bad day. I think that she is a great and beautiful human being. She is a true artist, in many senses of the word. Her ability to connect with her students, as both student and friend, is an amazing gift. Best regards, Cynthia”

(reformer and cadillac photos by www.anitatakespictures.com taken at brooklyn pilates)

Choreographer and Movement Director for Film, Theater, Video, Events and Model/Advertisement Photo Shoots Bianca Falco explores the interactions, ties between people and between people and objects/living creatures in all situations; combines modern dance with the use of props, costumes, modifying or accentuating the human form and emotions. Labilab creates stage and site-specific performances sometimes involving improvisation, interaction with the audience. Bianca is a well a performer, a teacher, an independent filmmaker and a musician