Skin/Toxic/Terrae @ TIAB 2020


In Loving Memory of Alberto Falco 1967-2020

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Join TIAB on Sunday, December 6th 2020, 4-6 pm ET for Mother Tongue: Performances Part Two virtual evening with works by Bianca Falco, Jorge Rojas and María Verónica San Martín.

Bianca Falco: Skin/Toxic/Terrae is an environmental performance about the toxic waste disaster in Campania, Italy, artist Bianca Falco’s native land. Falco started a dialogue with mourning mothers from the region who lost their children to cancer caused by the toxicity of the dirt, water, and air. They wish to stop the illegal toxic waste dumping in the region. Language underlines Falco’s performance, as she narrates the stories rooted in her land-which, she notes, “as an immigrant myself, I long to help and I am deeply tied to. Language is a connection to what I am truly or what I was. The same language allows these mothers to share their loss.”Skin/Toxic/Terrae became more personal as the project’s composer, Falco’s brother, who lived in the area, passed away in July 2020 from non-hodgkin’s lymphoma. Throughout the performance, different actions take place symbolizing the decay of the body due to the environment’s toxicity.